Beneath The Lights


Fresh from Glastonbudget 2014, Beneath the Lights are a 4 piece, alternative rock band with an emphasis on ROCK.

A young bunch of lads but don’t let that fool you, theses guys have a lot of experience, playing across the region in small venues and on the larger stage such as ‘Glastonbudget’, which they have played 3 times (or is it 4 now? I’m sure they’ll correct me!!!). Finalists in the OBS, held at the Musician in Leicester, Beneath the Lights are winning people over wherever they play (Ryan at is raving about them… I think he likes!!!). Energetic guitar play with thumping rock beats and dual vocals, these guys ouse charisma as they bang out covers along with intelligently thought-out originals such as ‘Broken Town’ and ‘Moving On’. The guys tell me they ‘love playing live’, a cynic would say ‘they all say that don’t they’… but wait! take a look at their gig list! They are just as comfortable playing at a local social club as they are playing the festivals and it shows in their stage presence and rapport with the crowed.


So, Beneath the Lights are hard working, charismatic, talented and energetic what more can I say?… I know, going places, these guys are going places.. truly! I will be very surprised if the ‘unsigned’ label isn’t changed sometime in the foreseeable future. Their hard work will pay off in the end and we wish them well with it!



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