EvenNine along with Under A Banner, Lost in Olympus and 26 other bands have donated a track to Edgar’s Gift for ‘The 29 Rock You Cancer’ CD. For further details check out the home page above or click Edgar’s Gift.


EvenNine are a 3 piece rock outfit comprising of brothers Jody and Rick Martin and Brett Stepto with influences from The Who, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. The guys have played on many a big stage supporting the likes of ‘Fun loving Criminals’ amongst others. Formed back in 2005 EvenNine are getting their second wind as a 3 piece, writing and performing and getting used to the new, slimmed down EvenNine and, going from Edgar’s Gift ’29 Rock You Cancer’ CD Launch at The Soundhouse, enjoying it as they go.


Musically, I don’t see that moving to a 3 piece from a 4 piece has hurt these guys. The group dynamics are obvious as is the energy with a thumping rock beat and guitar and a bass player who’s in great danger of doing himself an injury, they rocked The Soundhouse into submission, not that it needed it but they did it anyway. I was impressed by EvenNine, their experience showed and I hope it won’t be too long before our paths cross again!




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