Under A Banner


The name Under A Banner leads one to the idea that there’s some sort of cause here, well these guys have a great one, one which will challenge provoke, and inspire an audience out of it’s collective, impoverished, X Factor, trance and into a World of meaning.


The mighty Under A Banner are a 5 piece, alturnative rock/folk band, originating from Wolverhampton but adopted by Leicester, Under a Banner are one of 29 bands who have donated a track to Edgar’s Gift charity CD ‘The 29 Rock You Cancer’ available on the blue tabs at theguywithastick.com and at edgarsgift.org.uk.


Under a banner, consisting of Adam Broadhurst on guitar and vocals, Jon Price on guitar, Si Hill bass and backing vocals and Tim Wilson on drums, percussion along with the odd guest musician, deliver a festival feel to any venue. Through smart playing, clever lyrics and Adams voice, which gets in your head and stays there for weeks, Under A Banner are something of a welcome change from the usual, run of the mill, alternative rock scene, much of which spend a great deal of time succeeding at being anything other than ‘alternative’. The sound they produce is an acoustic driven powerful alternative rock that punches you in the face until you wake-up from your mechinised, manufactured music slumber and see real life as its intended to be, crafted in to real songs which are powerful, thought provoking and hooks the audience in; have a listen to ‘How Martyrs Are Made’ and you’ll see what I mean… I love it!


Check out theguywithastick’s new playlist and the new ‘video’ page to see much more of Under A Banner… you won’t be sorry!




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