Casino Empire are a 5 piece, Leicestershire based alt/rock outfit with influences from Arctic Monkeys to The Rolling Stones. Formed in 2013, Casino Empire consist of: Tommy Cobley – Lead Vocals, Jack Hall – Bass/vocals, Matt Gore – Guitar/vocals, Tom Marlow – Guitar and Ollie Dennis – Drums

Energetic and charismatic, Casino Empire have been likened to The Rolling Stones of the early 1960’s. The lead vocalist demands attention from the audience, his style is theatrical his voice strong, almost rasping! Yes! you can see an early Mick Jagger but more so, you can see an early TOMMY COBLEY.. and thank you for it! its hard to understand how the rest of the band can get a look in BUT THEY DO and they do it in style!!!

A great bassline and a drummer who moves from one number to another with ease and professionalism add to that some very good guitar riffs and guitar solo, it is very obvious this is not a one-man band, this is a true rock ‘n’ roll band… a band that deserves your attention!



Casino Empire is a must see band! They are the reason I go to gigs! They are, simply, Sublime!

The guys have an EP out soon and I cant wait to get hold of it!



Casino Empire on line: Facebook; website:

You can see Casino Empire at:

28th June – Festival On The Pitch (4pm)
26/27th July LMF
29th August soundhouse
30th August sumo ( with Formal Warning ).

Casino Empire

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