Carmen: Seduction of the Promise

So I got this ‘tweet’ from Meri Everitt from The Flying Kangaroo Alliance, telling me to get over to St Martins Coffee and see a singer called Carmen, who was launching her album ‘Seduction Of The Promise’. So, under orders, I went along.
Carmen, aka Dee Gomez-Walker, was occupying her mind between setting-up and greeting guests, clearly nervous, she thanked me for coming. As guests made their way upstairs to the gig, people seemed genuinely excited about the gig, I wondered if they knew something that I didn’t, because, in truth, I feared Dee would become over-run by her nerves and not be able to go on… But I was wrong!

The gig was split into four sections each consisting of original material and well thought out covers. Her voice slightly quivering, Carmen produced an intelligently thought-out first set with some great covers, her rendition of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ was absolutely captivating and as she run through her set it became clear just how the album got its name. Carmen’s style blends jazz, funk with seductive overtones of Latina, which suits Carmen’s personality and pays homage to her background….

Carmen’s backing band know a thing or two of the genre as well, all accomplished musicians and given the stage area was a little too small to fit them all on, they delivered their end effortlessly and professionally, which enabled Carmen to settle quickly after the first set and deliver, what was, a truly accomplished performance which represented the album well!

‘Seduction of the Promise’ is a great little album and well worth a listen. It’s ideal for de-stressing and having that mellow moment with someone close, in fact, there are many reasons to get a copy of the album than not, and, with Christmas just around the corner, it could earn you enough ‘brownie’ points to see you through until Valentines day!!! Cult



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