Hello and welcome back to ‘TheGuyWithaStick’ Where have you been? I hear you ask. Well, since my last post in January 2015, TheGuyWithaStick has been recovering from spinal surgery and working on the next phase of development for TheGuyWithaStick, a jewellery, arts, crafts and accessories store, due to go live later in the year.
Along with the store, TheGuyWithaStick has also been working on 2016’s blogs and reviews and what a line-up we have for you! In recognition of the work being done by bands and artists all over the Country, 2016’s blogs and reviews will introduce you to new and existing acts from around the UK; from south Wales to Scotland, Liverpool to London and everywhere in between, TheGuyWithaStick has scoured the Country, discovering the current state of the music scene region by region, City by City and town by town and what we found was a truly vibrant and eclectic mix of talents everywhere we looked.
Over the coming months TheGuyWithaStick will bring you a taste of what is out there. There is so much great work going on out there, that, in the limited space available to us, it is impossible to do it justice. There is a wide range of talent adorning stages throughout the UK and what we at TheGuyWithaStick will bring you is the encouragement and motivation to get out there and see for yourselves what’s going on at your local music venue and in enlightened pubs and clubs throughout your region. It never ceases to amaze me, the grim determination of bands and solo artists, many travelling for hours to play in a venue only to find the gig is poorly promoted or, even worse, cancelled! Yet, they take it on the knocks chin and carry on delivering great music week in and week out, often following a full days work,
I take my hat off to you all!
Over the coming months TheGuyWithaStick will bring you some truly awesome bands such as ‘The Dole Age’ from south Wales and ‘Apollo Junction’ from Leeds; ‘Bad Llama’ from Burton-on-Trent and ‘Sisteray’ from London and many more!
Don’t forget to check out the bands social media feeds and give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook and ‘follow’ on Twitter… Better still go, out and see them live!!!

Welcome back!

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