Bad Llama

Band members:

Vocals Kyle Jordan, Drums Gaz Waddle, Guitar/vocals Sam Wyatt, Guitar Dan Houlbrooke and on Bass, Lewis Hutchings.

You may not have heard of ‘Bad Llama’ before but many of you know their previous guise as ‘Wet Lettuce and the Magic Bean’

The guys have done a lot of learning over the past couple of years. Their previous name was always challenging but they had this sound, unique, funky, with a great bass line and rasping vocals, so I was a little concerned by the news of their name change, what else has changed, I thought?.

Well, quite a lot actually!

In truth, the guys have not abandoned their principles, they have evolved! Following on from the deal with LMC Records, the guys realised very quickly that they had to assert themselves to remain true to themselves and this is apparent in their current incarnation.

My concerns that they may lose their essence, particularly that funky sound that worked so well for them in the past, was ill-founded. The new set-up builds on everything that was good and injects a much more snappy, dare I say ‘catchy’, lyric to their work. The funky sounds are still there but much less prominent, while the gigs are ramped-up with the inclusion of clever light shows, making each gig much more of an experience!

Bad Lamma are not afraid of change, they embrace it, and are very much the better for it!



@BadLlamaBand :

Bad Llama

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