This current series of reviews on, introduces you to some of the most talented bands and solo artists around. All of them deserve the high accolades they presently enjoy and, with a little luck and a hell of a lot of hard work, most deserve to go all the way. None more so than Apollo Junction.

Apollo Junction are a five piece electro/indie band based in Leeds, who are pulling in big crowd’s and even bigger name supporters and it’s hardly surprising when you get to hear their work.

Comprising of:  Jamie Williamson, Matt Wilson, Ben Hope, Jonathan Thornton and Sam Potter, Apollo Junction have a story to tell and they know exactly how to do it. Their lyrics are smart, their instrumentation impress. It’s easy to see how their tracks have found themselves on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 6 Music and XFM not to mention having write-ups in just about all the national new, including The Times!

“Melodic, Piano-led soul-bearer from the Leeds Indie outfit”  The Times

“When the first track you hear by a band is a huge anthem, you know they’re something special!”  Chris Hawkins BBC6 music

“Candid, emotive vocals and grandiose production bring Biffy Clyro to mind on this big-hearted indie-pop track from the Leeds newcomers”  The Sun Hot Tracks of the week.’

Over the past 18 months or so Apollo Junction have been banging on doors in every music venue, large or small, anywhere they think there’s a possibility to play and in doing so they have come to the attention of major festival organisers and securing spots at the likes of Leeds Music Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival and they’ve done so through merit…

Apollo Junction call their approach a ‘DIY’ approach and that’s exactly what they do! The guys are definitely doing it the hard way but, in truth, there is no easy way! You can be the most talented bunch there is and fail or you could be, well, let’s just say talentedly challenged, and succeed. There is much more to this music business than merely raw talent, that’s why it’s called a ‘business’. Without a vast amount of hard work and a considerable measure of luck, most bands will fail. For Apollo Junction, failure is simply not in their vocabulary! They stand by their work, they let their art speak for itself and draw confidence in each and every track they produce. These guys aren’t arrogant but they simply know that they are producing music that can stand-up with the best of them… and it does!!!

Apollo Junction’s gig list is almost as impressive as the tracks they produce, yet, no one can fly in the face of reality for ever and, at some stage, Apollo Junction are going to need a little help. They will need someone who can kick-in doors just like they do, but, these doors could well have the words ‘international success’ written above them. When will they need this help, well, I don’t know, but Apollo Junction will know and until then, just carry on doing what you are doing lads because you are bloody good at it, more, probably, than you actually know!

Apollo Junction have a series of gigs coming up, with their next one at The Mulberry in Leeds on the 16th September while, at the same time, working on their first full album… I can’t wait!!!

Check-out Apollo Junction on social media:

Twitter: @apollojunction



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Apollo Junction

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