When On Mars By Wet Lettuce & The Magik Bean” on YouTube

Wet Lettuce and the Magik Bean were one of the first bands to appear on theguywithastick.com back in March since which time the band have perfecting their sound and stage craft and working with Burton based record label LMC Records, with whom Wet Lettuce have produced a cracking track called ‘When On Mars’ along with video to accompany it.

The guys also got together for an interview, introducing both themselves and their new release…

The track itself really brings-out that funk/rock sound that theguywithastick has raved about…

‘When On Mars’ By Wet Lettuce & The Magik Bean

We understand that the guys are working on new material, due for release in the coming months, until then, ‘When On Mars’ is available for download via iTunes and HMV just click the link below.

Wet Lettuce are gigging across the region and wider so keep an eye out, they could be in a venue near you very shortly!!!