The Dole Age


Ok! So I’ve gone on about these guys for a very long time, so, without further ado I give you THE DOLE AGE…

 The Dole Age are a 4 piece alternative outfit from Merthyr Tydfil in the south Wales valley’s, who mix pop-rock with a mouth-wateringly large amount of Ska, producing an unmistakable ‘Dole Age’ sound with lyrics that draw you in and a sound not unreminiscent of Madness.

The Dole Age consists of:

Steven Peters (vocals), Richard Harrison ( (rhythm guitar), Blaine Madgwick (bass) and Dorian Griffiths (drums). The Dole Age’s talented musicianship and ‘crafty’ yet clever lyrics combine to deliver great tracks that will have you humming and whistling all day. So, if you don’t like the ‘earworm’ wriggling towards your brain, turn the sound down now…

The Dole Age was one of the bands I was particularly looking forward to seeing at a music festival in Leicester, November last year, but, unfortunately, the promoter decided not to have bands from out of the area… definitely our loss!

I am a very big fan of The Dole Age. I love their sound, I love their lyrics and I love Steve Peters’ vocals and I truly hope that someone will pick-up on their talent and expose The Dole Age to a much wider public, they deserve no less!

I wish The Dole Age well and hope their current challenges are short lived and are back upto strength as soon apossible.

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Twitter: @Thedoleage

SoundCloud: thedoleage

YouTube: The Dole Age Band

The Dole Age


Luna Rosa

Luna Rosa, consisting of Rory McDade – Guitar/Vox, Darren Myles – Guitar, Keiran Maguire – Bass and Cole O’Neill – Drums

There has been a lot of talent to come out of Northampton and these guys are no exception. Luna Rosa are a 4 piece group hailing out of Corby in Northamptonshire who have had a busy time of it over the past year or so. With a self-titled mini album released in November 2015, the guys have wasted no time in getting on the road to promote, what is a truly remarkable, album. 

Their overall sound sits across many genre; from rock to motown and a decent dose of funk for good measure.

I first saw Luna Rosa back in late 2014 and even then they were good, very good infact! But now they have developed as a band and their music reflects this. Take a listen to their latest release from the album, this one’s entitled “This One (High On The Groove)”… 

Listen to This One (High On The Groove) by Luna Rosa #np on #SoundCloud


To say we are fans of Luna Rosa would be an understate! Luna Rosa are without doubt one of the best bands to come out of Northampton for a long while. If you like Stone Roses, Jesus and Mary Chain or Kasabian, you will love Luna Rosa.

So, keep an eye out at your local music venue and, if you get chance, go and see them. If you live in the East Midlands, Luna Rosa will be playing at The Cookie, Leicester on September 10th 8:00pm – 2:00am


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Luna Rosa



the debut album by


Many of you know about my love of The Brandy Thieves. A great Leicester based band with influences from folk, punk and soul, with a healthy dose of scar thrown in for good measure.

The Brandy Thieves came together in late 2012 during which time they have produced some of the best festival anthems around. So, it came as something of a surprise to find that, until November 2015, they had not produced an album! The guys have released a couple of ep’s but not a full album… well they have now it’s called ‘Old Tattoos’ and I got my hands on a copy of it!

Through their music, The Brandy Thieves use well crafted lyrics and an array of musical instruments to tell, in the great folk tradition, a story. Stories based on their experience of life. They tell stories of alcohol fueled benders and the kind of social commentary that can only come from a life well lived. Their songs are catchy and easy to get into and before you know it, you are hooked!

If their ep’s and live gigs tell you a story, then their new album, ‘Old Tattoos’, use those stories to take you on a journey; the journey of The Brandy Thieves. The album brings together their music from the very beginning of their existence to where they are today. In many ways the listeners become voyeurs, watching through sound, the very personal journeys these guys have gone through and which comes through in their lyrics and music.

I loved the new album, Old Tattoo’s and have it playing at least once a day, much to my kids annoyance; they are big fans of The Brandy Thieves but, they tell me,  “you always have it on!”. Well that may be near the truth but I make no apologies for it! So The Brandy Thieves first album, Old Tattoo’s’, should be in everyone’s collection and I can hardly wait for their next one!

The Brandy Thieves are a very talented bunch who deserve to have much wider recognition than they currently enjoy! So, watch out Mumford and Son, you have some serious competition!!!



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The Brandy Thieves


Bad Llama

Band members:

Vocals Kyle Jordan, Drums Gaz Waddle, Guitar/vocals Sam Wyatt, Guitar Dan Houlbrooke and on Bass, Lewis Hutchings.

You may not have heard of ‘Bad Llama’ before but many of you know their previous guise as ‘Wet Lettuce and the Magic Bean’

The guys have done a lot of learning over the past couple of years. Their previous name was always challenging but they had this sound, unique, funky, with a great bass line and rasping vocals, so I was a little concerned by the news of their name change, what else has changed, I thought?.

Well, quite a lot actually!

In truth, the guys have not abandoned their principles, they have evolved! Following on from the deal with LMC Records, the guys realised very quickly that they had to assert themselves to remain true to themselves and this is apparent in their current incarnation.

My concerns that they may lose their essence, particularly that funky sound that worked so well for them in the past, was ill-founded. The new set-up builds on everything that was good and injects a much more snappy, dare I say ‘catchy’, lyric to their work. The funky sounds are still there but much less prominent, while the gigs are ramped-up with the inclusion of clever light shows, making each gig much more of an experience!

Bad Lamma are not afraid of change, they embrace it, and are very much the better for it!



@BadLlamaBand :

Bad Llama

Hello and welcome back to ‘TheGuyWithaStick’ Where have you been? I hear you ask. Well, since my last post in January 2015, TheGuyWithaStick has been recovering from spinal surgery and working on the next phase of development for TheGuyWithaStick, a jewellery, arts, crafts and accessories store, due to go live later in the year.
Along with the store, TheGuyWithaStick has also been working on 2016’s blogs and reviews and what a line-up we have for you! In recognition of the work being done by bands and artists all over the Country, 2016’s blogs and reviews will introduce you to new and existing acts from around the UK; from south Wales to Scotland, Liverpool to London and everywhere in between, TheGuyWithaStick has scoured the Country, discovering the current state of the music scene region by region, City by City and town by town and what we found was a truly vibrant and eclectic mix of talents everywhere we looked.
Over the coming months TheGuyWithaStick will bring you a taste of what is out there. There is so much great work going on out there, that, in the limited space available to us, it is impossible to do it justice. There is a wide range of talent adorning stages throughout the UK and what we at TheGuyWithaStick will bring you is the encouragement and motivation to get out there and see for yourselves what’s going on at your local music venue and in enlightened pubs and clubs throughout your region. It never ceases to amaze me, the grim determination of bands and solo artists, many travelling for hours to play in a venue only to find the gig is poorly promoted or, even worse, cancelled! Yet, they take it on the knocks chin and carry on delivering great music week in and week out, often following a full days work,
I take my hat off to you all!
Over the coming months TheGuyWithaStick will bring you some truly awesome bands such as ‘The Dole Age’ from south Wales and ‘Apollo Junction’ from Leeds; ‘Bad Llama’ from Burton-on-Trent and ‘Sisteray’ from London and many more!
Don’t forget to check out the bands social media feeds and give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook and ‘follow’ on Twitter… Better still go, out and see them live!!!

Welcome back!