Hailing from London, Sisteray first came to the attention of http://WWW.THEGUYWITHASTICK.COM through their participation in Edgar’s Gift Cd ‘The 29 Rock You Cancer’, to which they, very kindly, donated a track. Since then, Sisteray have been working tirelessly in developing their craft and they have become a polished, professional and extremely busy, indie/Grunge outfit who are, quite frankly, worth their weight in gold…

SISTERAY comprises of talented songwriters Niall Rowan (vocals) and Dan Connolly (guitar) along with, the equally talented, Marco Polo (drums) and Mick Hanrahan (bass guitar), take their inspiration from a rich variety bands, such as, Velvet Underground, The Clash, The Smiths and The Replacements. Their upbeat melodies are a clear, lyrical, observations of 21st century Britain which they punctuate with high-octane indie/grunge sound and electrifying live performances which have been key to making their live shows unmissable.

In 2015, Sisteray played to their first fully sold out gig and are continuing this trend on their current tour of the UK and with several tracks released over the past months and one more due for release on 1,2,3,4 Records on 16th September at the Ally Cat in London, clearly, Sisteray are keeping extremely busy.

The Leeds Festival was something of a revelation in term of how far Sisteray have come in a relatively short space of time and most, certainly, since THEGUYWITHASTICK first saw the guys back in 2014.

Sisteray certainly have a lot to offer and are well worth seeing live, however, if you can’t get to one of their gigs, do yourself a favour and visit their website and/or their YouTube channel and get to know these guys. Sisteray really are a class act!

Sisteray’s stated ambition is “to rewrite the indie guitar rule book” and I wouldn’t bet against them doing just that! @sisterayuk




The Dole Age


Ok! So I’ve gone on about these guys for a very long time, so, without further ado I give you THE DOLE AGE…

 The Dole Age are a 4 piece alternative outfit from Merthyr Tydfil in the south Wales valley’s, who mix pop-rock with a mouth-wateringly large amount of Ska, producing an unmistakable ‘Dole Age’ sound with lyrics that draw you in and a sound not unreminiscent of Madness.

The Dole Age consists of:

Steven Peters (vocals), Richard Harrison ( (rhythm guitar), Blaine Madgwick (bass) and Dorian Griffiths (drums). The Dole Age’s talented musicianship and ‘crafty’ yet clever lyrics combine to deliver great tracks that will have you humming and whistling all day. So, if you don’t like the ‘earworm’ wriggling towards your brain, turn the sound down now…

The Dole Age was one of the bands I was particularly looking forward to seeing at a music festival in Leicester, November last year, but, unfortunately, the promoter decided not to have bands from out of the area… definitely our loss!

I am a very big fan of The Dole Age. I love their sound, I love their lyrics and I love Steve Peters’ vocals and I truly hope that someone will pick-up on their talent and expose The Dole Age to a much wider public, they deserve no less!

I wish The Dole Age well and hope their current challenges are short lived and are back upto strength as soon apossible.

Facebook: The Dole Age

Twitter: @Thedoleage

SoundCloud: thedoleage

YouTube: The Dole Age Band

The Dole Age