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Hailing from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, Matt Henshaw describes his current location has Derby, Nottingham and Leicester… he gets about this guy! In fact, Matt Henshaw has to be one of the hardest working musicians around. It often seems there is not a day or night goes by that Matt is not adorning a stage somewhere in the UK, it’s quite understandable to suspect there may well be several Matt Henshaws, all cloned from the original, but no! I can assure you there is only one Matt Henshaw… only one, brilliantly talented, trend setting, soul saving, Matt Henshaw!

Matt describes his style of music as ‘rhythmic gospel’, and in doing so Matt invents a whole new genre which, without the blink of an eye or  a scratch of music journalists head, the genre is accepted… and why not! What Matt does, and does expertly, is his own thing! He’s not bothered about ‘pigeon holes’ or classifications, he is bothered about his life and his life is music!

Matt has had something of a rebirth lately, standing-down from his University job to concentrate on relaunching his career in music, following his epiphany on the road to stardom and alcoholism which saw the demise of his former, and very highly rated, band ‘Censored’ in 2008. Since this time Matt has done some amazing things, from recording a cracking album with MC Rudimental st al, to re-launching his career. You can’t keep this guy down, he is determined, he’s confident and he is one of the most decent human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting he’s also destined for success!!!

TheGuyWithaStick have included a couple of Matt Henshaw tracks on the acoustic playlist on the ‘Feature’ tab at

Matt Henshaw can be seen all over the UK including OSFEST Music Festival in Derbyshire on July 26 and Leicester’s Simon Says on July 27th

For a fuller list of Matt’s upcoming events follow this link



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Matt Henshaw


The music scene in the East Midlands is kicking at the moment and nowhere more so than Burton-on-Trent. Burton are producing some top artists and band, we have previously highlighted Wet Lettuce and the Magik Bean… who have recently signed a record deal with LMC Records, well here’s another band to keep an eye on… the awesome Arcadians!

Formed in 2013, The Arcadians are a 4 piece indie/rock band playing original compositions. The band comprise of: Jamie Cavanagh – Vocals & Lead Guitar, Ed Petch – Rhythm Guitar, Jack Lenaghan – Bass and Dan Alton – Drums. A busy bunch, they have been winning friends across the East Midlands and have received some good reviews, not least from Burton’s own ‘Brew Town’.f you like indie then The Arcadians are right up your street, we like… a lot!

On stage it’s clear they know their stuff, its also clear that they enjoy what they do. We at try to avoid comparisons but with The Arcadians it’s difficult not to see a little more than a hint of The Arctic Monkeys. but, don’t let that fool you! The Arcadians are very much their own people, this isn’t a tribute band, this is a top-notch indie band with some great riffs and original thought which comes through in well thought-out original compositions…


They have great stage presence and draw their audience in with some really catchy riffs clever lyrics, you can’t help but get involved. If you just want to stand a look at a band playing, then, The Arcadians may not be for you, but, if you want to go to a gig, get right into the music and come away feeling you got your monies worth, then, go and see The Arcadians… you won’t be sorry!

The Arcadians can be seen at The Barefoot festival on the 26 July and Wardstock on the 23/24 August have included a video of The Arcadians on the site and included them in one of the playlists on the ‘feature’ page… enjoy!

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The Arcadians, Burton-on-Trent at its best.







Wet Lettuce and the Magik Bean


A 5 piece, alternative rock band from Derbyshire, with an in-your-face stage presence. Their style is, according to guys… ‘fed from their love of Funky-Punky wild sounds, with infusions of a mellow nature’… 

As they were setting up, I thought.. here we go a bunch of mates with instruments… well I was right… in a very wrong kind of way!!

As they started their set, it was clear, these guys were here to impress! As they set about the task of converting the uninitiated. They produced a pretty impressive set of their own compositions including ‘Oceans’ and ‘Bad Llama’ which, incidentally, is not only pretty good, it’s also the title of their debut EP… and yes! I have it (bought and paid for)!

‘A bunch of mates with instruments’ well… yes! BUT a bunch of mates who know their stuff, who can actually play and sound great together and who’s stage presence oozed charisma. They deserve a much wider reputation than they currently have, which I’m sure will come and hopefully soon!

Following the gig I managed to have a chat with the guys, who were very keen that I got their names spelt right, they are: Kyle Jordan – Vocals/Lyricist, Gaz Waddell – Drums, Lewis Hutchings – Bass, Dan Houlbrooke – Guitar and Sam Wyatt also on Guitar. The chemistry between the guys is clear, not just on stage but personally, they clearly have a great deal of respect for each other and, dare I say, a lot of love too… in a barking mad, Burton-beer swigging, macho sort of way that is! Would I pay good money to see them again?… you bet I would… and I’m looking forward to it!


Their EP, Bad Llama, is a little cracker butdon’ttake my word for it, check out some of their stuff on SoundCloudor ‘YouTube’… better still, get off your butts and go see them for yourselves:



16th May              The Victoria Inn, Derby.

Wet Lettuce and the Magik Bean — SIGNED!

Beneath The Lights


Fresh from Glastonbudget 2014, Beneath the Lights are a 4 piece, alternative rock band with an emphasis on ROCK.

A young bunch of lads but don’t let that fool you, theses guys have a lot of experience, playing across the region in small venues and on the larger stage such as ‘Glastonbudget’, which they have played 3 times (or is it 4 now? I’m sure they’ll correct me!!!). Finalists in the OBS, held at the Musician in Leicester, Beneath the Lights are winning people over wherever they play (Ryan at is raving about them… I think he likes!!!). Energetic guitar play with thumping rock beats and dual vocals, these guys ouse charisma as they bang out covers along with intelligently thought-out originals such as ‘Broken Town’ and ‘Moving On’. The guys tell me they ‘love playing live’, a cynic would say ‘they all say that don’t they’… but wait! take a look at their gig list! They are just as comfortable playing at a local social club as they are playing the festivals and it shows in their stage presence and rapport with the crowed.


So, Beneath the Lights are hard working, charismatic, talented and energetic what more can I say?… I know, going places, these guys are going places.. truly! I will be very surprised if the ‘unsigned’ label isn’t changed sometime in the foreseeable future. Their hard work will pay off in the end and we wish them well with it!



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